Prices will vary per dog depending on the size of the dog, breed, coat condition and temperament. Dogs that are severely matted or have behavioural problems while being groomed will be subject to additional charges. It is difficult to judge how much grooming will cost unless the dog is seen in person, but you can call us to get an estimated starting price for your dog based on their size and breed.  Please note that any quote given is an estimated price and the final price of the groom will be presented after the groom has been completed.

Most dogs should be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the breed and style you want to keep. If grooming is put off for too long, the process becomes that much harder on the dog and the groomer, making it stressful and not enjoyable, and can also increase the cost of the groom. Ask your groomer how often you should bring your dog in to be groomed and maintain that schedule for the best care for your dog.  

Minimum price guidelines for a full groom are as follows:

Brush out and hair cut breeds:
Small (Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier):    $56+ 
Medium (Miniature Poodle, Shetland Sheepdog):    $68+                       
           Large (Golden Retriever, Airedale):    $85 - $100+ 

Giant* (Newfoundland Dog, Great Pyrenees): Currently not grooming giant dogs.

Short coated breeds:
  Small (Pug, Chihuahua):    $38+
Medium (Beagle, Whippet):    $44+  
Large (Doberman, Boxer):    $50+
Giant (Rottweiler, Great Dane):    $62+       

The exact price of the groom cannot be determined until the groom is complete.  We will try our best to give you a proper estimate during drop off, but please note that this is an estimate and the price may change depending on the dog's behaviour, difficulty of the groom, and any problems that may come up during groom.  For example if we find fleas on your dog during the groom you will be charged for a flea bath.


Flea and tick shampoo treatment - $10

Nails only - $12 (included in full groom)

Dematting - varies. 
Additional charges will apply for any dematted done. If matting is too extreme the 
mats will be clipped out, as this is the most humane way for the dog.

Please note that prices may change at any time without notice.  Taxes are extra.